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Summer Smiles Honey Farm

We take sheer joy in the fact that we grow, raise and forage 80% of all the food we consume and serve, here at Summer Smiles Honey Farm.  QUALITY, non-GMO,

non-cerfitifed ORGANIC is what we do in all aspects of our farm, not just in BEEKEEPING.

The GARDEN is roughly an acre of six, 300' black mulch covered, double rows.

We start our own seeds, (and purchase locally if we have issues :)), 

Heirlooms are our specialty. 

We have a PA Dept of Ag, certified kitchen in which we can CAN and PRESERVE our HARVEST, FORAGES, and such.  Please email, call or text 814-525-0306

to set up a time to visit, tour and SHOP our goods and GARDENS, at SSH FARM.