Summer Smiles Honey Farm

Education: Tours, Kid's Camps, Birthday Parties, Workshops, & Seminars,


We offer many educational opportunities for all ages at Summer Smiles Honey Farm.

Tours on the honeybees, with options of varied content, such as honey extraction, honey bee hive assembly, catching a swarm (timing has to be perfect), making a split, etc.

If you have attended a previous tour, you will certainly learn something new.
Our farm is certainly evolving.  Please check out a few other options for educational tours.

 These options would last roughly 45 min to an hour

The cost of the basic educational tours are:
Groups between 1-30 total guests: $8 each adults & $5 for children
35+ total guests: $5 each
Children the ages of 1-3 are free!

If you would like a take away item based on the subject we covered, it would be an additional $2.00 per person.

Original Honey Bee Tour​
All about the chickens.  
Gardening and Planting.  
Foraging in the woods. 
 These options would all be hands on. 
The Blacksmith shop

This workshop would not be hands on.  Demonstration only.

Please inquire pricing for a HANDS-ON Blacksmith Workshop. 

We accommodate groups large and small, pre-K-12 to seniors!

We personally want invite your family, class, group, etc to schedule at time come to the Summer Smiles Honey Farm for an educational tour of the honey bee hives.
Our tours are offered year round; snow, rain, or shine.

 As a sustainable farm and apiary, we will introduce you to the amazing world of honey bees, and you'll learn more about what you can do to help restore them.  You will also be able to see the Farm, learn about natural beekeeping, using only raw Honey and other pure honey/beeswax products from the hives.
By learning more about the declining honey bees we will be able to welcome them into our neighborhoods and community gardens to increase the quality and yield of what we grow and to do our part help to secure the sustainability of the world’s greatest pollinators.   

Here's a look of what to expect with our basic Honey Bee tour​​:
We would provide an educational talk about the honeybees, the children will be able to look at honeybees up close in our observation hive, then we would take a walk to the apiary for another discussion.
After that the children will be able to see and interact with all of the animals.
This tour normally takes 1 hour to 1 1/2 hr.

If you would be interested in a longer tour, you are welcome to plan to bring packed lunches to enjoy, inside the garage or outside by the pond or under the shade of our walnut trees  Any garbage brought in must be removed by the groups.
We can add on a hand made beeswax candle craft for the children, which would be $3 per participant.  That may take 30 minutes or so.   
They will also have the opportunity to shop at our gift shop.  
Total time would be up to 2 hours plus time for their lunch break.

Kid's Camps

1 or 2 day Camp Schedule at the Summer Smiles Honey Farm!

2018 Dates

Coming soon!

Day 1 is packed full with learning about the honeybees and where honey comes from, suiting up for real hive inspections, make hive observations and writing, extracting raw honey (if ready to harvest), and also make a beeswax craft.   10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Day 2 is the children will learn how we grow our own food and provide food for the bees!  They will get to work and care for the garden, plant seeds, learn about healthy soil, beneficial insects, and composting! 
 We will forage for fresh ingredients to make a healthy Farm-to-Table snack.  
Other activities include a scavenger hunt, a nature walk, nature observations and writing, exploring the farm, and old fashioned four-square game or kickball.  8 a.m. to 4 p.m

Healthy Snacks provided for both days.   Children will receive complimentary t-shirt.
* 1 Day $75 (includes 2 healthy snacks and organic, non-GMO lunch)
*  2-Day $135 (includes organic, non-GMO breakfast on 2nd day only,
 lunch for both days, and 2 snacks for both days)   

*Please email  or call (814)-525-0306 to register.

Birthday Parties
$50/per hour.  

We will have table and chairs set up, with table coverings.  

(if there are more, just let me know) we can work with you on that. 

Each child would receive a complimentary travel size sample of soap or small  jar of raw honey (if in season).

We would also provide special beeswax Birthday Candles for you to use. 

 The children would receive a brief honeybee presentation, enjoy safely viewing the honey bees from the observation hive set up, a fun scavenger hunt (or other game) , and we would walk tour the farm to meet the other farm animals.

Please let us know if you need any other special needs or accommodations. 

You would be responsible for set up otherwise; decorations, food, plates, etc or we can accommodate (I can get you prices, just let me know what you need).

We will have recycle bins/trash cans for you to use.

If you would like the children to have an activity otherwise, we offer gel wax, crystal wax, and hand rolled beeswax candle making.  $5-$15 extra per child.   That activity would include an extra 30 minutes.