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 Our Irish Wolfhound/Chesapeake Lab Mix

Darci & Amanda

Saving the world one honey bee at a time. 

Summer Smiles Honey Farm

​​​​Darci Sanner and Amanda Welsh are the owners of Summer Smiles Honey Farm, a sustainable honey bee farm in southwestern Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands.  Darci has been beekeeping since 2008. Their honeybees produce "Certified Naturally Grown," raw, local honey (grassroots to being certified organic).

The girls handcrafts artisan honey and beeswax products, performs apitherapy (bee venom therapy), offer educational group tours, workshops, seminars, kids mini-camps, hold various events out of "the Barn," and The Suite at the Honey Farmhouse rentals.

Their passion is to educate you on sustaining the environment and how we all can do our part to help the honey bees, while providing you the option to use  sustainable, 100% pure honey and beeswax products made with God given ingredients.   The girls are also super passionate about food.  Locally grown, organic, non-GMO, food.  They raise and forage 80% of what they consume.  As they are able, they plan to be able to offer more of their delicious raw honey, organically raised vegetables, fruit, herbs, berries, and nuts, along with their non-certified organic, free-range poultry and eggs.  Hopes of pastured pork, goat's milk and cheese, and pickled canned goods are in their future, for sale from the farm.